The Quick Service Restaurant customer has become far more tech savvy and selective of the foods and locations they might like to frequent. The digital transformation of quick service restaurants integrates mobile ordering with a brand’s loyalty programs, lets customers customise orders, offers payment via mobile platforms and saves a consumer’s favourite items to personalise the customer’s experience.

Technology is the most consistent and opportunistic method of engaging with their customers on a daily even hourly basis. As important as offering a secure, robust solution is, so is creating an in-store experience that encourages customers to linger and returning to the counter to purchase more menu items. To continue to drive growth in the market, Quick Service Restaurant’s need to maintain customer loyalty whilst also managing and improving the overall customer experience.

Utilising analytics tools will help better understand what keeps customers coming back and integrate the online and offline experience through real-time communications at store-level plus letting customers order and pay for a meal with their mobile devices. To do this Quick Service Restaurant organisations are leveraging more from their legacy needed and new technology than ever before.

Our experienced and expert installation engineers are helping to bring outlets up to the latest technology levels to adapt to the level of customer services expectations, as well as technology that will help reduce waste, improve efficiency, and help deliver the essential point for companies like KFC, Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, and others.

Our Process

Network Services

1. Plan

Site-surveys, pre-sales engineering, customers needs and requirements are done for a successful installation.

Network Services

2. Design

Design services encompassing technology considerations, and cost-awareness insure customer needs are met.

Network Services

3. Deploy

Our competent field engineers, experienced deployment coordinators, proven strategies results smooth deployment.

Network Services

4. Nola Enterprise Care

24/7 Remote network monitoring and customer care is provided to proactively response to to solve the problem.

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